Letters From The Louniverse – December

Tarot Card Of The Month – The Hanged Man

As we take stock of the comings and goings of the last months, this is the perfect card for my last letter of this calendar year.

The Hanged Man isn’t hanging, you see. He’s meditating. He is patient and calm and giving in to the moment. He is coming to understand that obsessive thoughts and a controlling mindset restrict his life and finally he vows to let go. As humans, we make life utterly complicated when in fact the lessons that can help us the most come in the simplest forms. I am going to teach you a simple practice about letting go. I use this every day and it works, I swear on my cat’s fifth white whisker.

So these are the ground rules, the facts from the Louniverse:
What has happened in the past no longer exists, and the future whilst abundant with plans is completely fluid. The only thing we can be sure of is the present moment. Uncertainty is certain but right now in this tiny second there is no fear and everything is as it should be.  If we are obsessive and controlling we grip onto our life so hard that we stop the natural flow, life is much harder and opportunities less apparent.

The mantra for this is:  “I surrender”.

The reason a surrender practice is so powerful is that you aren’t suddenly spinning out of control and giving up the wheel, instead you are loosening your grip and consequently allowing flow back into your life. This practice of course comes with a little sprinkling of faith but work on this with me, give it up to a Christmas wish.

From now on whenever you are in a wave of anxiety or stressful thinking, when you are planning a conversation three weeks in advance or beating yourself up about yesterday then just say it. “I surrender”. Even for one moment this pulls you back into the present and gives you the choice to shift your energy onto something more productive. Extend this mantra by forming your own positive sentences. Shift by shift your thoughts calm down and ta-dah! You are your own magician. 

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