Isabel Marant x H&M

Designers collaborating with high-street brands aren’t really news anymore, they have pretty much become common practice. Now it is more about who will snatch the most interesting designers first. The collaboration of the year once again goes to H&M – the Swedish giant has pretty much won the collaboration game as soon as they shook hands with French Fashion superstar and her very special brand of sexy nonchalance. The result is an affordable wardrobe of Marant’s signature pieces which will be available in stores and online from November 14th – that’s this Thursday, people!
I was lucky enough to be invited to Paris by H&M a couple weeks ago to meet Isabel and preview the collection, which was even better than I anticipated. To be perfectly honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’ve been following Marant for years (pretty much since the brand first launched) and I am very familiar with her cool Parisian threads. However, I wasn’t sure how it would translate, quality-wise, once re-interpreted for the high-street with lower price points and different fabrics. Well the good news is that the quality is most definitely there. Some pieces definitely feel more luxurious than others and my mission today is to try and guide you through buying into this collaboration.
In an interesting turn of events, Isabel Marant designed her first menswear and kidswear collection specifically for her autumnal union with H&M. Both are brilliant and can also be worn by women. My tip: if you are a size UK6 or under, make a beeline for those kids slip-ons (£29.99). If you are a size UK10 or under, go wild for the kids knits in a size 14yo, they are similar to the adult ones but at a lower price point. We are talking about £40 for a heavy knit jumper. If you are taller or above a size UK10, worry not, you can shop the men’s department – all the knits there are awesome and the coats are great too. Take Medium or Small, they will still be pretty oversized. 
And now for the main event: the womenswear. I fell in love with the black wool blazer (£79.99) and can’t stop wearing it. It feels lovely and heavy and the cut is perfect. This is definitely a must-buy and something you will wear over and over. You can also stock up on Isabel’s trademark linen tee-shirts, at £25 a pop, they are worth it. The jersey trousers are also a definite must-buy (£34.99). The cut is very flattering (never thought I’d say that about jersey trousers but there you go) and they look great dressed up with the aforementioned wool blazer. 
People will most likely be queuing for the more iconic, recognisable pieces. They seem like the right things to buy in the heat of the moment, as you may feel like you are stretching your budget by purchasing something more “obvious”, but sit back for a moment and chill out. It is safer to buy those classic pieces that you will actually end up wearing over and over again.

I predict a riot over the fringed boots (£149.99) and women’s knits (£from £69.99), the leather trousers  (£179.99) will fly off those hangers in half a second, and not just because it is Isabel Marant. I think even people who have no idea who Isabel Marant is or couldn’t care less about Parisian chic will be seduced by the collection… and this is the sign of a successful collaboration.

Smile Sweatshirt from the kids collection – £29.99
I am wearing: Wool Blazer, Linen Tee-shirt, Jersey trousers + my Nike iD Free 5.0 with Shield.
The Fringed Boots – £149.99
Wearing same as above
Kids slip-ons (up to a size UK6) – £29.99
I am wearing: men’s jumper (£59.99)
A bit of Paris, just because
Wearing same as above + silk scarf – £29.99
Outfit photos by Richard Davenport, the rest by me.