Fendi Bag Bugs

You know I can’t resist anything with eyes, so when Fendi invited me to their exclusive Bag Bugs Pop-Up store in , I simply couldn’t say no. So on Monday, off I went, Mini Robot in tow, to discover the Bag Bug invasion. The collection will be available in Harrods until the end of November, on and also of course in Fendi boutiques.
After seeing the collection, I now have confirmation that any luxury fashion item should come with eyes. I mean if you are going to spend a month’s rent on a bag, then it may as well double as a pet, right? Pretty sure the Peekaboo bag would make a great life companion. Just picture this: it would scare off crazy people on the bus, keep you company at lunch time, it could even watch over you while you sleep. Like a very devoted dog. And since Halloween is tomorrow, just imagine how easy it would make your costume finding… Just hold your bag in front of your face and boom, job done. You’re welcome.
Bag Bug
Bag Bug Peekaboo Tote
2Jour Bag Bug Tote

Photos taken with the Leica D-Lux 6 Edition by G-Star RAW (more on this soon)