Monsieur Robot – Urban Outfitters AW13

Last week I was invited to the opening of a new branch of Urban Outfitters in Camden. I haven’t been to Camden for ages, it was a haunt of mine many years ago when I first came to London but after the stables burnt down and the market lost some of the better independent stalls I stopped visiting quite so often. Camden hasn’t lost any of its charm and Urban Outfitters’ snazzy new store might just have me coming back to Camden with a bit more frequency.  I posted a few pictures of the store on my instagram account which you might have seen if you follow me. If you don’t follow me then see me after class. 

Shore Leave

You might be surprised to know that I’m in Urban Outfitters on a regular basis. I can walk to the Shoreditch branch in my lunch hour and on payday I’ll always find something to buy. It’s hipster heaven as far as I’m concerned, I can buy literally everything there – clothes, bags, hats, socks, vinyl, earphones, homewares even shoes and every branch comes with a well curated vintage section. I mean, what more do you want? Their own label brands Shore Leave and Worland get stronger with every season. Just to prove that point they’ve made a video lookbook for AW13 – check it out, you know you want to.  

Shop Monsieur Robot’s Urban Outfitters Edit

Here are a few of my favourite pieces from the current collections in Urban Outfitters, featuring a couple of exclusive brands and one off collaborations that you can’t get anywhere else. Maison Labiche have pretty much taken the ultimate staple of any man’s wardrobe (the white t-shirt) and made it even better. Embroidered on the breast of each tee is the name of some particularly emblematic men. The tee you choose will depend on your own particular  tastes but in case you couldn’t guess I went for Luke Skywalker (it was a tough call between Kurt Cobain and “The Dude” though, if I’m honest).

Maison Labiche

Le Coq Sportif – Urban Outfitters Exclusive

Worland have an amazing kaleidoscopic range of floral printed tees in store at the minute. I wore mine this weekend for the first time and had more compliments about it  than I think I’ve ever had about something I was wearing. Good luck trying to pick just one though –  I spent about an hour trying every single one on, they’re all equally awesome.


If you fancy checking the new store out for yourself head to 211 Camden High Street, and say hello if you see me!

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