Emma Cook AW13

Emma Cook just released a really fun video to present her Autumn / Winter 13 collection. You see, something tells me that if I was a designer, I would also be very tempted to feature dinosaurs, stars, tigers and heart prints in my collections. Even better if those prints and patterns are slapped on  some brilliantly simple and beautifully cut pieces. The ultimate playful classics, expertly designed once more by Emma Cook.
If you must know everything, you nosey buggers, I almost got married in an Emma Cook dress, it was wonderful, all chiffon layers and had birds of prey all over it. Sadly I still wasn’t quite free of post-partum podge and so I instead went for a much more forgiving Luella number. The rest is history. 
Wedding dress stories aside, please watch this video and then have a look at my favourite pieces from the collection. I would find it VERY hard to pick just one piece for the season. 
Traduction – La vidéo de la collection AH13 d’Emma Cook est merveilleusement fantaisiste et remplie de dinosaures, tigres et autres créatures.