Mini Robot – Charlotte Olympia “Incy”

Charlotte Olympia is just about to launch her first range of kids footwear (on August 12th). Talk about a gateway drug! I am a bit of a shoe hoarder and I must say at the best of times I definitely feel like   a helpless bug caught in Charlotte’s Web. The good news is, I can now pass this terrible affliction onto my unsuspecting daughter. You should do the same. This is something to teach your kids when they are still young. The power of a good shoe, the importance of sole support, looking after your tootsies and so on. I wear Charlotte Olympia Kitty flats a LOT, I also wear some of her heels. They are all incredibly comfortable and well designed, so it is only logical to branch out into kidswear, where comfort is key. 
Now, if like me you have kids, you will have probably found yourself running out of shoe shops screaming after ogling row after row of ugly appliqué flowers, odd colour combinations, chunky plastic soles and other garish details that I dare not mention. All that often with a hefty price tag too. The arrival of “Incy” is a game changer. It also guarantees that Mini won’t try to steal my very own Kitty flats! 
As a mamma herself, Charlotte Dellal knows what’s important and so with every pair of shoes from the “Incy” collection, you also get a super cool colouring book which should keep your little girl busy while you shop for your own pair of heels (because why not, since you’re there, right?). In addition to that, 10% of the first month’s sales will be donated to the Art Room, a UK charity offering art as therapy to children and young people to raise their self-esteem, confidence and independence.
The “Incy” collection will be available from August 12th in Charlotte Olympia’s boutiques in London, Manhattan and Beverly Hills as well as on her website.
Find out what Mini Robot (6) thinks of the collection below.
Traduction – Charlotte Olympia lance sa première collection pour enfants nommée “Incy”
“These shoes are cute, I would wear them to go to a party” 
“I would wear those at Halloween. I’d get lots of candy trick or treating!”
“I would go to my friend’s house who’s got a cat and then I would show them to the cat and it would run away. These are my favourite shoes.”

“I would wear these at the beach and sit on the towel. I would take them off when I go in the sea”

“I would use them when I go to birthday parties because they look nice”