Princess Dreams With Catherine Deane

I don’t often dream of dressing like a princess. To be perfectly honest most of the time I dream of dressing like a fancy dude. Or a 70s skater boy. And then there are brands that take me to a whole different place where I suddenly fancy myself as a jet-setting princess, who would be sipping champagne on a yacht one minute and attending an opening at the Guggenheim the next. Clearly I would be a princess with a teleportation device, but this is besides the point. 
Catherine Deane was born in Ireland, raised in South Africa, lived in London and is now based in Hong Kong. Her designs are inspired by her lifestyle and also forgotten craft techniques. Her work features a lot of leather cut work, as well as silk and lace which are mixed together beautifully to create a collection of gorgeous gowns (that have been worn by the likes of Lana Del Rey, Emmy Rossum, Taylor Swift and Beyoncé) as well as pieces that are easier to include in a more “normal” everyday life. 
Her bridal collection is also pretty magical, filled with the most intricate bead work and embroidery. As someone who never really wanted to get married in something obviously bridal, I LOVE them. This is saying a lot. Some of her gowns would also make great unexpected wedding dresses.
Traduction – La créatrice Catherine Deane me donne des envies d’être une princesse, juste pour pouvoir porter ses robes.