Monsieur Robot – XTG at Moda Calida

This is a post that works on several levels…maybe you’re a man and you’re looking for the latest in swimwear trends. If so you’ve come to the right place. Maybe you’re a lady and you’re hoping to buy some new speedos for the man in your life so he looks good by the pool when you go on holiday. Yeah? I got you covered. Maybe you’re none of the above – in fact maybe you’re just someone who likes looking at really hot men wearing practically nothing at all. Guess what? ME TOO!

I was fortunate enough to receive an invite to Moda Calida a few weeks ago – the biggest swimwear fashion show in the world. It’s held in Gran Canaria, somewhere I’d never been before. If you haven’t been it’s absolutely gorgeous and after a few days swanning around in the baking heat, the idea of attending a swimwear show seemed a lot more appropriate than it did when I was in London. With the average British summer in mind, it’s pretty hard to get enthused about swimwear. Even an avid swimmer or lido-goer probably doesn’t own more than a few pairs of speedos or shorts. After a few days at Moda Calida I began to feel that  we’ve all been missing the point. Swimwear shouldn’t be just some functional item we begrudgingly buy a week before our holiday – it’s fun, it’s a lifestyle, a sexy lifestyle. XTG, a native Gran Canarian label, have for years been revolutionising the world of swimwear. Recently they’ve expanded their remit to include surfwear, streetwear and sportswear. To be honest, I go swimming maybe once a year at most, but the XTG collection had me thinking I need to do it more often, even if it’s just to have the chance to wear some the SS14 collection. So look out for me at your local lido gaily laughing in the face of hypothermia fully under the delusion that I’m still living it up in Gran Canaria.  Anyway, you’re probably just here for the man candy. So without further ado HERE ARE THE BOYS…

Yep. This is what I’m calling work nowadays. It’s tough being me.

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