Diamonds & Macarons at Harry Winston

When Harry Winston comes calling, I come running. You see the call of diamonds has become more and more potent as I get older (and wiser, clearly). I used to be one of those girls who would pick a comedy costume brooch over vintage diamonds, or at least I liked to tell myself that. A few months ago, I tried on the diamond encrusted Omega Ladymatic which made me squeal with delight. Just imagine me entering the Harry Winston boutique on New Bond Street… It is like being in jewellery Heaven, except instead of fluffy clouds, all you can see is an intense sparkling coming from various glass boxes around the room. Playing around with the cluster necklace, or the new sunflower collection is pretty humbling and very, very special. 
The most special moment of all was being introduced to two vintage pieces from Incredibles collection, the Estate Diamond and the Estate Diamond Lattice bracelets. Two fabulous pieces loaded with history. Thinking about what these bracelets witnessed gives me shivers – glitzy New York balls, dinner on the Orient Express, Academy Awards? Who knows… All I know is that once on my wrist, I had a hard time giving them back. Diamonds really are a girl’s best friend…
Traduction – J’ai passé quelques heures chez Harry Winston la semaine dernière, et j’ai eu l’occasion d’essayer leur nouvelle collection ainsi que des pièces d’archive. Un vrai privilège.
Sunflower solitaire

Estate Diamond bracelet
Estate Lattice Diamond bracelet