Nintendo x Giles #TeamLuigi Tee

On some very rare occasions, worlds collide. This time around, the video games world and the fashion world. I’ve belonged to both of these in the past decade and a half… I started my career as a video games journalist, then moved on to be a games tester and translator (which is where I met Monsieur Robot). That was my life before blogging. This website is what made me move away from games to discover the fashion world. You can take your tiny violin out if you want, I just thought I’d give you a bit of back story so you understand how pleased I was when asked if I could write about this “Team Luigi” tee-shirt designed by Giles Deacon for Nintendo to celebrate the release of their new 3DS/3DS XL title Luigi’s Mansion 2.
Part of the campaign surrounding the release of the game is encouraging people to share their favourite Luigi moments on Twitter, using the #TEAMLUIGI hashtag. One of my best Luigi moments was when Mini Luigi was introduced to Mario Kart – we would have night long tournaments and we’d select Mini Luigi just to hear his hilarious voice. I realise you sort of had to be there, but believe me it was really funny. 
I haven’t played the game yet, but it is most definitely on the cards… Especially if I can get my hands on it before hopping on the plane to L.A… Roll on 11 hours of intense Luigi action!
I am wearing: Nintendo x Giles tee-shirt, River Island jeans, Office boots and vintage ruff.