MRLA – Dispatches From Los Angeles

I’m back! Yes, I know it’s been a long time! I’ve been quite busy with work and what not, doing shows for bands, djing and having quite a few visitors from all over at my place for the last few months. In short, 2013 has been quite good so far, I’ve met a lot of amazing new people
Here are a few photos of the past few months. I went to the Silvia Prada exhibit here in L.A. She is   a lovely spanish illustrator inspired by monochromatic and geometric pop culture. There I ran into my friend Whitney Fierce, previously with Hercules & Love Affair  who gave me the scoop on her new solo project coming out soon! Check out her music on SoundCloud.

L.A.’s Sexelectro Mistress Actually Huizenga released her new single “Super Future” (NSFW) a pre-summer dance track to get things going! I’ll be back soon with more festivities to write about!

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