I Love Food – Superette, Cape Town

I often eat out, but I think my favourite meal to have out is breakfast – or brunch when I can’t get out of bed early enough. While exploring Cape Town, I ate in several lovely places including Superette, a pretty little café located within the Woodstock Exchange. This airy café/deli is the perfect start to the day and the menu caters to all sorts of breakfast habits. I had the toasted banana bread which was heavenly (hello sugar rush) and my compadres had boiled eggs and soldiers which were equally delicious. Simple yet tasty is definitely my favourite combination when it comes to food.
For a second as I was sitting there, I became really confused and thought I was perhaps somewhere on Abbott Kinney in L.A. – which is a good thing. After an hour there, I wanted to redecorate my whole flat so it would look like Superette and I picked up a few ideas from there, including using science beakers as storage implements in the kitchen. Cute and inexpensive, not to mention super resilient.
Open Monday to Friday from 8 till 3
and Saturday from 8 till 2
Closed Public Holidays
66 Albert Road, Woodstock, Cape Town

Toasted Banana Bread

Soft Boiled Eggs & Soldiers
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