Vintage Chanel 2.55

There are some things that are forever on my wish list, stuff I hunt down for years before finding. I also like to give myself challenges… For example, I decided I’d buy myself a Chanel bag for my 35th birthday. Then I saw how much hard earned cash I’d have to part with to buy a new one and decided I would rather treat myself and my husband to an amazing holiday if I had that kind of money. And that was that. But the idea of a lovely chain dangling on my shoulder was still haunting me, so I started looking around in vintage stores, on eBay and on Etsy, hoping to find a cheaper vintage one. This road is very rewarding, but also very, very annoying: so many fake Chanel bags out there. So many dishonest sellers. Eventually, I found a great eBay seller in Japan (Aqua Vintage) and started watching her listing like a hawk. I also found a wonderful authentication company that helped appease my doubts and concerns… They also taught me how to identify a real Chanel bag, which I will tell you in another post as it is a most useful skill to have. 
Details – Vintage Chanel 2.55 Single Flap Navy Cotton shoulder bag. Probably circa 1970’s.

Retail Price – from £500 on auction sites and then the sky’s the limit…

Traduction – Après des années de chasse, j’ai enfin trouvé un sac Chanel “dans mes moyens”.
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