The Family Business & Me

It all started 10 years ago. I wanted to get something etched on my wrist but I wasn’t sure what to commit to. Then on my birthday, I was talking with my best friend Federica (who works at The Family Business Tattoo parlour) and she suggested I come to visit her and see meet the tattoo artists she shares her time with. One thing leading to another, I decided I would finally get my tattoo done and document the process for you. By the time I met Mo Coppoletta for a first chat, I had settled on a group of palm trees silhouettes on my left wrist. I wanted something simple, minimal and most of all I wanted something that made everything ok when I looked at it. 
I finally had it done on Valentine’s Day, after a weird couple of weeks and so I was a little nervous about the pain and the emotions (#FEELINGS). There was none of that. Mo is completely awesome, and an amazing artist. I felt looked after like a member of the family, his advice to simplify the design even further and only have one very detailed palm tree was great and the hour I spent in his chair ended up being worth a year in therapy – it’s amazing what doing something that’s ONLY for yourself can do for your well-being. 
Now not only am I the proud owner of a Mo Coppoletta illustration, but I also carry with me a constant reminder that things are OK and that everything eventually falls into place. This is the best gift I ever received and no doubt one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. 
The Family Business
58 Exmouth Market
London, EC1R 4QE
+44 (0)207 278 9526

A million thanks to Mo Coppoletta at The Family Business & to Federica for holding my shaky hand
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