By Malene Birger 10th Anniversary Extravaganza

“The Dreams and goals I have must be achieved – I ́m not a dreamer – dreams have to be fulfilled” Malene Birger 

After listening to Malene Birger talk passionately about her career and her latest collection, I was sitting down in the breathtaking Royal Danish Theatre, all effervescent with activity for the evening’s show and one sentence kept rolling around in my head: “Cut the crap“. This was the answer Malene gave me when I asked her for her life motto, the little thing that kept her going. To this I can relate entirely. 
A quick nose around backstage and a spot of lunch later, it was time to get ready for the evening’s festivities and the reason we were all here for: the 10th Anniversary show. The models sashayed on stage in a criss-crossing ballet of black & white, teal, pink and gold accents and a beautiful variety of textures, all inspired by Malene’s home in Palma de Mallorca – and also reflected in her beautiful HQ. The collection is most definitely something to be worn over and over again, something to be cherished and thrown around at the same time. Clothes you can live in, which is what Malene, like many of my favourite Scandinavian designers aspires to make and excels at making.  
My picks from the SS13 collection (all available from

And then this happened…

Mademoiselle Robot was a guest of and By Malene Birger in Copenhagen