Soomin Clutch Bag

Last year, I made a pact with myself to schlep less stuff around when I leave my house. I am not sure if it came from a real desire to detach myself from material possessions or just a clever ploy to amass even more. Either way, I decided clutches were the way forward. Who needs two hands after all? While researching the very important topic of clutches, I came across this beautiful Soomin number (called Emma). Isn’t it perfect?

On a side note, the very clever lady behind Soomin is currently collaborating with Anthropologie on a limited edition line of scarves.

Details: Velvet and metallic leather clutch. Dimensions:  26cm x 15cm x 1.5cm

Retail Price: £149

Traduction: Je collectionne les jolies pochettes. La dernière en date vient de chez Soomin.