29 Jan 2013

Thing Of The Week - Frends Headphones

I was recently sent these Frends headphones by Avenue32.com for a feature on their site. I was quickly seduced by their appearance but wondered if the sound quality would be good enough. I travel a lot, DJ on occasion and generally listen to quite a lot of music, so I need damn good headphones, not just nice looking ones. These do the job perfectly at home, the sound is very clear and round, just how I like it. I took them to Stockholm with me and used them on the place, where they also did a marvellous job at cancelling the annoying cabin noises and they were so comfortable I promptly fell asleep while listening to my current favourite album (you can read an interview with Tom Krell by Monsieur Robot here).

Details - Frends Gold Taylor Headphones are hand-crafted in soft white leather and yellow gold and inspired by vintage jewellery.

Retail Price - £160

Traduction - Les écouteurs Frends "Taylor" en or et cuir blanc sont mes nouveaux compagnons de voyage.
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