Monsieur Robot – I’m Boy Crazy

BOY London is one of those brands that is deeply entrenched in London culture – born out of the club scene of the early 80’s it exudes coolness that other brands just can’t compete with. Thankfully it’s back with a bang, meaning you don’t have to scour vintage stores to find BOY clothes and pay $$$ for them. Alongside the classic BOY styles there’s even a new X LONG collection, which is completely sick. I can’t get enough of oversized tees at the minute, not only do you look good but you can eat as much cake as you like no-one knows! It’s a total win/win situation.
Anyway here I am channeling a little bit of Dario Argento’s Suspiria, and a dash of Kenneth Anger all in the name of BOY…
Traduction – BOY London est une marque culte apparue dans les années 80. La marque fait son comeback et c’est une très bonne nouvelle!
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All photos by Damian Owen-Board
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