Monsieur Robot – Raf Simons / Bjørg / J.W. Anderson

I’ve gone accessories mad recently. I’ve even bought earrings, dangly ones. It’s an amazing season for men’s accessories, and you know what they say! More is MORE. So pile them on, transform your ordinary clothes into extraordinary outfits, or cover yourself in glue and roll in glitter. Do what you have to. Here are some of my favourite accessories this season.

Traduction – Je suis en pleine période “bijoux” en ce moment. Mes trois obsessions: Raf Simons, Bjørg et J.W.Anderson.

Raf Simons

When Raf does accessories, he does them really well. This season his necklaces and brooches are, well, they’re a little on the hairy side. Sure the brooch might look like extensions that fell out of someone’s weave but when you see it worn on the rear of Raf’s springbok jacket, just under the collar, you can see it makes sense. And if you’re still not feeling hirsute enough you can throw on the skull head hair necklace too. Hairy chic.

I’m a bit obsessed with Bjørg Nordli-Mathisen. She’s a Norwegian jewellery designer who makes beautiful pieces that fuse surrealist aesthetics, Scandinavian fairy tales and elements of Darwinism. Plus they’re shiny. The Sleeping Beauty necklace has a real butterfly wing housed in a tiny glass case. If that’s too close to taxidermy for you there’s a Silver Rabbit Ring with  real rosecut diamonds for eyes and a ‘Howling at the Moon’ Claw knuckle ring, that looks pretty lethal. 

J. W. Anderson

If all that was getting a bit too sinister and macabre don’t worry, J. W. Anderson is here to save the day.  It doesn’t have to be so serious, just look at the face on his terrier brooch. LOOK AT HIS FACE. He’s totally smiling right? I love him. Woof. 
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