What Warren Wore – Aubin & Wills

I’ve been boring you for ages with stories of my time in Italy and the glamorous haute couture clothes I styled on my model but what was I wearing? Well that’s a good question. Due to the fact that I’ve been living in London for so long, I’m more than aware of how temperamental the British summer can be. The upshot of this is that I rarely spend too much on anything that could be considered part of a summer wardrobe. In fact one pair of shorts per year is usually my limit. This year, when I found out the temperature in Florence I knew I needed to go a bit further than just one pair of shorts. I’d had my eye on Aubin & Wills since I found the perfect sailor jacket there in their winter collection.
A trip to Florence was just the excuse I needed to splash out on summer clothes. I headed to the first destination Aubin & Wills store in shoreditch, where the clothes are beautifully sandwiched between an art gallery housed upstairs and the Aubin cinema in the basement. The cinema is even showing Spider-Man at the minute so it’s literally everything I love under one roof. Amazing.
Traduction – En bon Londonien, je n’ai pas énormément de vêtements d’été. Quand j’ai appris qu’il faisait 35C à Florence, j’ai compris qu’il me faudrait une garde-robe adaptée à la température… Je me suis donc tourné vers Aubin & Wills.