MRLA – The Presets / The Jesus & Mary Chain / Grimes / Spring 2012 in Pictures

Australian duo The Presets is back! Presenting their brand new single “Youth in Trouble“, from their third record “Pacifica” due September 14th, 2012. The Summer of 2012 has just begun!

Summer is here finally! My favorite season! 

My friends Jason and Issa came to visit and to see a couple of shows here in L.A. one of them being The Jesus & Mary Chain! I’ve never seen them before so it was very exciting. I also ran into many old friends. The show was great, especially since the weather was so nice and it was at a horse track field, which made it extra special. The next day we went to a music festival in Pasadena to see several bands, including Grimes. For her first Los Angeles show ever, she played a great set despite a few technical difficulties with the sound system, she won the crowd over – she’s adorable! A perfect way to end springtime in L.A.

I also compiled several photos documenting the Spring season, covering events in L.A. and México. Thank you everyone who lets me take their photo for Mademoiselle Robot, all the bands and musicians, characters, friends and lovers. Thanks for an amazing time! 
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