Monsieur Robot – Oh Bernhard!

The interesting case of Bernhard Willhelm

I could start this post with a brief history of Bernhard Willhelm‘s career, tell you where he studied, maybe describe some of his classic looks but that really won’t convey the man’s aesthetic quite as succinctly as simply saying “he dresses Bjork“. You know what I’m saying right? These aren’t clothes for the shy retiring wallflower type and that’s why I like them. Here’s a few of my favourite looks from the AW12/13 collection…

Traduction – Je pourrais vous faire un exposé sur la carrière de Bernhard Willhelm, vous dire où il a fait ses études et peut-être même décrire certaines de ses silhouettes phares, mais rien ne peut faire justice à son esthétique délirante. Rien sauf de dire simplement “il habille Bjork”. Ses créations ne sont pas pour les grands timides! Voici quelques looks issus de sa collection AH12/13.

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Funny story, my Mum has this exact same headband! Crazy huh? She only wears it to church though.
I don't know how he got his beard to do that but I'll find out. If I have to scalp someone, so be it.
People say the whole sock/short thing is a no-no but with a massive tiger on your back I don't suppose it matters.
Are the gloves too much? Nah, you'd be cold in those shorts without them.
Nothing brightens up a frumpy oversized check outfit like a bright pink mohair balaclava. Everyone knows that.
Can you see my nipples? Pretty hot right?
Oh Gran, this is the best Christmas jumper EVER! No, no, it fits me fine!