I Love Food – Il Latini, Florence

A seven course meal? Why yes, thank you.

To welcome us to Florence, the peeps at LuisaViaRoma took us to a wonderful and oh so typical Florentine place: Il Latini. For my first proper food experience in Italy, it was quite a treat. Il Latini is a true sensory experience… as you enter the restaurant, you are greeted by loud cheery chatting sounds and you cross room after room filled with diners, with enormous hams dangling from the ceiling. I felt right at home. As soon as we sat down, we were brought prosciutto and melon, followed by chicken liver paté and mortadella… followed by five different types of pasta (and bread soup). We tasted the most delicious gnocchis (avec rabbit) and as I was about ready to roll back to the hotel, the waiter brought us the biggest platter of meat I’ve ever seen (with a side of vegetables, of course). That is not all, oh no, that is not all. As I was giving up on food altogether for the rest of my life, the dessert landed on the table, and who am I to say no to fresh panacotta with strawberries?

Ristorante Il Latini
Via Dei Palchetti 6/r
50123 Florence

Traduction – Mon introduction à la cuisine italienne s’est faite à Il Latini à Florence. Dès l’entrée du restaurant c’est une véritable explosion sensorielle, le bruit, la lumière et le décor vous plongent tout de suite dans l’ambiance. Aussitôt assis, les plats ont commencé à apparaître: prosciutto et melon, pâté de foie de poulet, mortadelle… cinq types de pâtes (dont des gnocchis au lapin absolument divins). Ce n’est pas tout… après cela, la viande et les légumes nous ont été présentés, puis bien sûr un assortiment de desserts italiens pour finir en beauté ce festin pantagruélique. 

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Prosciutto & Melon
Gnocchis with Rabbit
Five different types of pasta
A meat platter that's not for the faint hearted
Biscotti to dip in sweet dessert wine...
May as well...
This guy saw it all.