Monsieur Robot – Hello Sailor!

Monsieur Robot is looking for a fisherman coat.

If you’re anything like me you probably use the internet for two things – 1. Looking at videos of cats being stupid and 2. non-stop window shopping. There’s nowhere I enjoy internet window shopping than Mr. Porter so when I recently became inexplicably obsessed with finding myself a fisherman jacket (can you think of anything more appropriate considering the recent weather?) I knew there was only one place to go. I’ve never actually been fishing (surprise surprise) in fact, I’m not even that keen on eating fish, but who cares? Here are some of the best fisherman jackets on my outrageously long wish list…

Yellow isn’t the easiest colour to wear but I’m willing to give it a go. The best thing about owning a Fisherman jacket is that when it’s Halloween you can use it to dress up as the killer from I Know What You Did Last Summer and fantasise about stabbing Sarah Michelle Gellar!!! No? Ok, I might the only person planning to do that. Nevermind. Anyway if you see me down by the docks, knee deep in sailors, do say hello.

Traduction – Si vous êtes comme moi, vous utilisez internet pour deux choses: 1 – regarder des vidéos de chats débiles et 2 – faire du lèche vitrines. Je me retrouve souvent sur le site de Mr Porter quand je m’adonne au #2 de ma liste. Vu le temps atroce qu’il fait en ce moment, ma nouvelle obsession est le ciré jaune de pêcheur. Je n’ai jamais pêché de ma vie (en tous cas pas de poissons) mais je m’en fiche, je veux un ciré jaune!

Le plus beau dans tout ça? Pour Halloween, je pourrais porter mon ciré et prétendre que je suis le tueur de Souviens Toi L’Eté Dernier.