What Would Jane Birkin Do?


Most days when I get dressed, I tend to think WWJBD (what would Jane Birkin do?). In other words, the simpler, the better. It is funny actually when I look back at my blog archives to see how my style has evolved in the past 5 years. I suppose when I first moved to London I really went wild as I was high on the sartorial freedom I was experiencing here: no sideways glances on the tube, no pervy men in bars meant I was finally able to fully express myself through my clothes. 5 years and a child later, I have come back to my Parisian roots and I swear by simplicity, beautiful fabrics, perhaps fewer vintage pieces but the ones I wear are here to stay, they are less gimmicky. 
Why am I telling you all this now? Well, I just packed to go to the French countryside and realised that a few years ago I would have packed some crazy pieces, this time all I have in my suitcase is a pile of breton tops, a couple cashmere jumpers, some trainers and a jacket. OK, I also have a nice silk shirt for my day in Paris, but that’s IT. This has made my life so much easier, I don’t question myself in the morning, I just get dressed. In the evening, it is a whole different story and I still pile dresses up on my bed while screaming with rollers on my head and eye liner on only one eye. I will tell you the tale another day…
Traduction – Mon style a beaucoup évolué ces cinq dernières années. Je me sentais très libre de m’habiller comme je voulais quand je suis arrivée à Londres et j’ai donc eu quelques années très “fofolles”. Ma garde-robe s’est assagie et simplifiée, ce qui me satisfait beaucoup. Je porte moins de vintage, mais les pièces que je porte m’accompagneront de nombreuses années. 

Je suis à la campagne en ce moment, et je n’ai emporté que des marinières, des pulls en cashemire et une veste. Quelle liberté! Quel bonheur de ne pas avoir à se poser de questions le matin!