MRLA – Mode Moderne / Saved by the Bell / Swoon Magazine

Maurice is back with some tales from Los Angeles

The lovely new song “Undiscovered Country” by Canadian cuties Mode Moderne (on tumblr), is a B-Side from their brand new 7″ single  “Real Goths” out May 1st. New Wave Pop realness. Yes, you know it. Another addition to this year’s dance party soundtrack!

Saved By The Bell is back! Well at least on my TV in America, thanks to syndication and Netflix where I can watch every single season ever made. And of course, with Summer around the corner, one can dream of the perfect California weather. Mademoiselle Robot got me 90’s nostalgic with her post about Beverly Hills 90210 so I would like to put my two cents in and talk about SBTB style, uber Californian, fun and colorful and great inspiration for this Summer… Starting with the one and only Zach Morris’ preppy look to the always fashionable Lisa Turtle and conservative, yet stylish Jesse Spano and of course my favorite teen dream Kelly Kapowski. They defined a generation with their all-American looks and attitudes. 
The peeps at Swoon Magazine hosted their issue launch soirée a couple of weeks ago here in a loft downtown.  My friend Actually performed alongside our other friend Douglas J. McCarthy from the late 80s iconic industrial band Nitzer Ebb .
The party was really fun, sort of a reunion for us since we don’t see each other much with our “oh so busy” schedules. The party carried on until the wee hours of the night, and at the end I failed to remember everything thanks to their delicious vodka & coca-cola drinks. Here are some highlights:
You can see more photos from the party taken by my dear friend Dylan Gordon here
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