MRLA – Ibi Ego / Gala Is Love / Video Games

Ibi Ego’s much anticipated comeback is finally here. Their new single is called “U and Me vs. The Sea Master“. Tijuana’s electronic dream pop indie darlings are working on the final touches of their full-length album out very soon!

Gala Is Love is presenting her long awaited Zodiac Collection made in collaboration with illustrator/artist and Mexican fashion it girl Ilse Valfré. Her timeless pieces are a true must-have. Obviously “Leo” is the cutest.


No party time this week, I caught the flu with this crazy hot and cold weather we’ve been having lately, so I stayed in bed all week playing on the original NES my brother gave me. I’ve also been listening to The Young Professionals‘ version of Lana del Rey’s “Video Games“. A very appropriate combination.
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