Happy Place - Pavillon des Lettres, Paris

While I was in Paris, I was invited to spend a night at the beautiful Pavillon des Lettres, in the 8th arrondissement. After sitting on the balcony for approximately two minutes, I was already making evil plans to have all my worldly possessions packed up and shipped to me over there. Nobody would notice if the Eschyle Suite was constantly unavailable, right? I have a real thing for hotels, I would quite happily spend my life just cruising from palace to palace, like Stephen Dorff in Somewhere or er... Eloise. 

Mini Robot joined me on this hotel adventure as she considers it the ultimate treat (of course). She calls hotels "hootels" and she turns into a mini travel journo whenever she comes with me. She just goes around the room dispensing words of wisdom about the depth of the tub, the bounce of the bed or the general vibe of the place. On the whole, she was pretty impressed by the Pavillon des Lettres, as was I!

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