30 Jun 2011

Happy Place - Pavillon des Lettres, Paris

While I was in Paris, I was invited to spend a night at the beautiful Pavillon des Lettres, in the 8th arrondissement. After sitting on the balcony for approximately two minutes, I was already making evil plans to have all my worldly possessions packed up and shipped to me over there. Nobody would notice if the Eschyle Suite was constantly unavailable, right? I have a real thing for hotels, I would quite happily spend my life just cruising from palace to palace, like Stephen Dorff in Somewhere or er... Eloise. 

Mini Robot joined me on this hotel adventure as she considers it the ultimate treat (of course). She calls hotels "hootels" and she turns into a mini travel journo whenever she comes with me. She just goes around the room dispensing words of wisdom about the depth of the tub, the bounce of the bed or the general vibe of the place. On the whole, she was pretty impressed by the Pavillon des Lettres, as was I!

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29 Jun 2011

The Perfect White Dress

There are a few things in the world I can't resist, they include pugs, ice cold coca-cola and white dresses.   No matter how impractical, whenever I see a white or cream dress in a shop, I reach for my wallet. I have approximately ten of them already and I can't stop. I rarely wear them because of the weather here, and also because most of my undies are black and I don't really own any slips. See where I am going with that? I am boarding the oversharing train, toot toot.

This Sandro number is the latest addition to the white dress family and I feel this one will be worn more, firstly because it is lined (what a genius idea - although the lining isn't quite enough to hide black lingerie), secondly because I can wear a slip underneath (it is pretty roomy and yes I know I lied, I do have a couple of slips). Mainly, I can't resist it, it is too pretty. It makes me want to go visit my family in Tunisia and walk on the beach in the boiling heat, drink mint tea and smell the jasmine. Sigh. 

In the meantime, I am wearing it here in London while my neighbours look at me, increasingly puzzled.

I am wearing a Sandro dress (SS10), vintage bag, Pieces belt, Madewell shoes and a Loulou Loves You headband.

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28 Jun 2011

The Kooples giveaway

I told you earlier on Twitter I was going to post an exciting giveaway to celebrate my last day in Paris...

French brand The Kooples is offering £200 gift card to one of my readers. The giveaway will end on July 3rd midnight and the winner will be announced on the 4th.

To enter you simply have to answer this question in the comments below: what's the name of the skeleton couple on The Kooples facebook page

Remember to leave your name + email address in the comments so I can get in touch with you when you win. Also, make sure you leave the answer IN THE COMMENTS.

Good luck!!!

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27 Jun 2011

Greetings from Paris!

Walks in the sunshine in Le Marais, citron pressé at Merci, hidden gardens, best friends and revisiting my favourite haunts. This is my trip to Paris so far...


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24 Jun 2011

Three ways to wear the Fred Perry polo shirt

I can't play tennis, let's get that out of the way first. I like the idea of it, but rather shamefully I'm probably better at badminton. Or ping pong. Or Mario Kart. Anyway there's no escaping tennis right now, every summer brings us wimbledon and every wimbledon brings us tennis inspired fashion. I genuinely don't think anyone will ever top Luke Wilson as Richie Tenenbaum in The Royal Tenenbaums for the classic tennis look. Mind you I can't do headbands either but then, who can? So what does the tennis look boil down to? Well if I had to pick one item, bar the racket, it would have to be the Fred Perry polo shirt, it's timeless, and it's also transcended sportswear to become an essential menswear item. So here we go, three ways to wear the Fred Perry polo shirt.

The Braces

Braces - Marc Jacobs
Ring - Tiffany
Jeans - Sparks

The Bow Tie

Denim Jacket - Lee
Brooch - Raf Simons
Bow Tie - Vintage

The Neckerchief

Neckerchief & Jacket- Vintage

Photographs and Accessories courtesy of Dr Handsome
Fred Perry Polo Shirt Courtesy of John Lewis
All words by Warren Beckett

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23 Jun 2011

Wish list - Matches Season Preview

If like me you are feeling pretty uninspired by the current weather (hello, Summer, can you hear me? it's time to wake up!), I am sure you won't mind indulging in a spot of imaginary shopping for pre-fall stuff. The good news is that Matches (possibly one of the best sites to go internet lurking for droolworthy clothes) has devised a cunning little tool to let everyone make a giant wish list for the coming season. Yes, their buyers have been busy snapping away all the pieces they chose to bring into the stores and then the style fairies compiled everything into a nifty lookbook complete with email alerts, should you want to buy it on the very day it hits the shelves. If like me your millions are imaginary, you could always use it as an inspiration / aspiration guide to the new season. And sign up for those email alerts, who knows? Maybe by the time the clothes are available to buy you will have won the lottery!

I played the game and my dream wishlist is below. Now I am off to reply to all those emails telling me I won £1.000.000 I have about 100 in my inbox so next post I write, I will probably do so from my private jet, wearing head to toe Prada. 

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22 Jun 2011

Accidental Girl Scout

My life is a permanent costume party. BYOB, or for today's party, bring your own compass and packet of cookies. After getting dressed, I seriously considered making extra poundage by selling home baked cookies to my neighbours. Troup Robot! Imagine. Wanna join? Sign here. I can teach you many things about the wild. For example: camping is only acceptable in your living room. Another example: you can train squirrels and birds to do your house chores simply by hanging out the window and making this noise with your mouth. Or singing. 

We are going to have a great time. 

I am wearing a shirt c/o Levi's, Louche skirt, Office shoes.

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21 Jun 2011

Whispers & Anarchy

Do you want to know a secret? Sometimes I am pretty quick at doing stuff, and sometimes well... it takes me months. Back in February, while I was sunning myself in Miami I got an email from Mimco that went like kinda like this "We are doing this totally batshit mental blogger campaign and we'd like you to be a part of it. All you gotta do is pick something from the collection and style it up". Sounds like fun, right? So I said yes. A few weeks later I received a little care package with filters, props and a few bits and bobs to organise a shoot. There was even a vintage pattern which I thought was a nice touch. I read all the story about the campaign, I did everything and then I put the box on a shelf and went on a press trip whirlwind.

Last week, after many increasingly worried emails from Mimco and a few death threats, I finally unearthed the box from its mountain of dust and snapped away. For some reason, I totally ignored the vintage theme of the campaign and took it into a space princess dimension. Don't ask - I just don't do well with authority. Anyway, this is how I styled the "Orbit" necklace: I put it on my head like some badass tiara. Man I am such a rebel.

You know what though? My bad attitude is good news for you, because now, if you want the necklace, it is on sale on the website. Yep, it took me that long to write this up.

Disclaimer - most of the time, I am rather quick. Also, my hair looks pretty sweet in these photos, I haven't got a clue how that happened. I think the hair gods were smiling at me.

I am wearing a Zara dress and Orbit Necklace c/o Mimco.

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20 Jun 2011

Tea Date at the Petersham

On Saturday, in between bouts of apocalyptic rain showers, I took my husband (the Monsieur Robot who put a ring on me) to The Petersham in Richmond for an afternoon tea date. Even though we were still in London, it felt like a little adventure. Getting on the train from Waterloo and walking along the River was quite magical, especially in the strange sun after the rain light. 

We were given a little table by the large windows overlooking the Thames and the gardens and I could have stayed there for hours, staring at the kids running around and boats passing by, occasionally sipping on some champagne or tea. 

I urge you to take your lover, best friend, boyfriend or fiancé and head there to just sit for a few hours, disconnected from the real world.

Sure enough I had to snap an outfit photo in the totally monumental "powder room" mirror. I've been fantasising about trouser suits for a little while, but wasn't quite sure how to wear one without looking too business-y (as if I could, anyway). Now I am obsessed with finding more trousers / jackets combos. That would also give a new lease of life to the gazillion blouses with Peter Pan collars I have sitting in my closet.

I am wearing a vintage bag, blazer and blouse, H&M trousers, asos loafers. Justin is wearing a Lazy Oaf tee-shirt.

For more photos of the Petersham, head over to the MCM blog (link below).

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Thanks to The Petersham for a lovely afternoon. 

17 Jun 2011

Monsieur Robot - Welcome to the Twenties!

The gorgeous ladies of Penhaligon's invited me to a speakeasy recently. Yep, a speakeasy. It's not often I see the sentence "bathtub full of gin" in an email but I get pretty excited when I do. They're launching an amazing new fragrance called Junpier Sling, which is based on gin! True to Penhaligons form it's a fantastic fragrance and the speakeasy was a roaring success. But what do you wear to a speakeasy? Well it wasn't too hot out that day so I took an ordinary work outfit, threw on a bow tie and hoped for the best...

 Hoodie: American Apparel - Denim Shirt:Topman - Boots: Office - Jeans: Dr. Denim + vintage bow-tie

I should probably take this opportunity to tell you all that I am growing a beard, as you can clearly see. It's not easy, but I am very brave... Stay tuned for BEARDWATCH...

Words by Warren Beckett - Pictures by Mademoiselle Robot
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