Monsieur Robot – Welcome to the Twenties!

The gorgeous ladies of Penhaligon’s invited me to a speakeasy recently. Yep, a speakeasy. It’s not often I see the sentence “bathtub full of gin” in an email but I get pretty excited when I do. They’re launching an amazing new fragrance called Junpier Sling, which is based on gin! True to Penhaligons form it’s a fantastic fragrance and the speakeasy was a roaring success. But what do you wear to a speakeasy? Well it wasn’t too hot out that day so I took an ordinary work outfit, threw on a bow tie and hoped for the best…
 Hoodie: American Apparel – Denim Shirt:Topman – Boots: Office – Jeans: Dr. Denim + vintage bow-tie
I should probably take this opportunity to tell you all that I am growing a beard, as you can clearly see. It’s not easy, but I am very brave… Stay tuned for BEARDWATCH…

Words by Warren Beckett – Pictures by Mademoiselle Robot
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