O’Neill One Way Runway

Last week, I was supposed to be in Ibiza to cover the O’Neill One Way Runway and meet the winner of the competition & new face of the brand for 2012. A naughty twist of fate (or should I say of my husband’s back) later, and I found myself in London, shaking my fists at the Heavens and crying in the rain. That would have been my first time in Ibiza and I was certainly going to have a party. A party for one, in my five star villa, pina colada in one hand and suncream in the other. Sigh. Instead I stayed in London. 
Anyway – despite not being able to physically be at the event, I thought I’d show you the pictures I was sent. As I said upon receiving the invitation to that trip “going to Ibiza to watch girls jumping off a cliff in their bikinis? I can’t say no“. Especially when the bikinis are superkinis and stick to the skin to avoid unfortunate nip slips and other terrible things that happen when you dive bomb into the water (mega wedgies, involuntary nudism, getting eaten by a shark etc).
Congratulations to the winner, Dutch contestant Tatjana Maul (last photo, isn’t she hot?) and I hope my wouldhavebeen travel buddies had a great time.

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