Monsieur Robot – Shameless Shoe Love

Shoes? Again? I know right… Anyway – I have given up on smart shoes. You know what, I just don’t like them that much. Sure I continue to buy them but they aren’t for me. Even on occasions when smart attire is essential I struggle (please don’t invite me to your wedding). I’m a trainers man – but then this has its own variety of problems too. In a nutshell getting me out of Converse or Vans, is nigh on impossible. I actually sleep in my Converse. Only kidding! Well, I mean – if they went with my pyjamas I might wear them to bed. The problem is everyone (including myself) is sick of seeing me in the same shoes, it’s a bad show for a supposedly rabid shoe fetishist. So I’ve been on the lookout for a brand I haven’t worn before and also the holy grail of trainers – something I could dress up and dress down – which brings me neatly to Creative Recreation.

There I was one day, frolicking in my garden, when what did I find? the shoe fairy had left me a pair of spiffing new kicks…
The Kaplan 

Not really of course, there’s no such thing as the shoe fairy! The shoes however are REAL and also – they can fly… 
Sorry, another lie – they can’t fly. The shoe fairy can though! (was it the wire that gave it away?) I love these shoes, mock crocodile skin, sleek shape and bright red laces – they’ve fast become a staple of my shoe wardrobe. Having had a closer look at the rest of Creative Recreation’s designs I feel a little stupid for having limited myself to a handful of other brands before…The Baretto, below, is so on trend it hurts. Hiking chic? Creative Recreation have got you covered! 
 The Baretto 
The best thing though, is that my Kaplan’s can be dressed up or down. I can change the red laces for black ones and hey presto – I have some shoes that go with smart trousers and don’t make me look like a tramp. Skillz.
Casual Daytime Warren
Jeans: Dr Denim
Shoes: Creative Recreation
Smart Sophisticated Warren
Trousers: Vintage Raf Simons (take that skinny jeans)
Shoes: Creative Recreation 
So, now that I have my outfit sorted, who’s getting married? 

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