Monsieur Robot – Common Sons

It’s exactly ONE MONTH until Christmas. SCREAM!!!!  In case you don’t know I am obsessed with Christmas. Something about the promise of receiving loads of gifts and getting to eat until you feel sick, really speaks to me as a person. What can I say? This year I’ve asked for Optimus Prime, a Unicorn, a Faberge Egg and a DeLorean. A gold DeLorean. I don’t want to sound threatening or anything but if you’ve ever seen John Waters Female Trouble you’ll recall the scene where Divine murders her parents because they didn’t buy her the cha-cha heels she wanted. Well I can do a pretty good impression of that. Y’hear that Santa? 

Christmas Day – (worst case scenario)
Christmas comes with traditions – from the food you eat to what you do during the day everyone has a few things that really make Christmas. One of mine is a nice CHRISTMAS JUMPER! Now you can go totally festive and wear one with a christmas tree or a snowman on it, but you’ll look pretty stupid wearing it on any other day of the year… I’m looking for something a bit more versatile. Common Sons is a new British brand that have some excellent jumpers, the kind I can imagine myself spilling egg nog down at about 9.30am just before I fall face first into the tree and electrocute myself on the lights. I really don’t paint the best picture of myself do I? 

Squirrels, I love ’em. A squirrel cardigan? Hell yeah, I can fill my pockets with nuts and sit in the park like a Squirrel Whisperer. Don’t judge me, they love it. 
Hate squirrels? Weird. Try and pretend you’re a decorated war hero, decorated with knitted medals, that story might get you through to Boxing day if anyone believes you. The whole Common Sons range is British made, from the yarn to the factory near Birmingham. They source their buttons in Leicester and for upcoming collections they’ll be getting the yarns organically dyed in Bath. 
Long story short you can write off any purchase as a desperate bid to improve the economy. See? I’m not so bad after all…
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