The Post Where I dj For The Goose Who Made A Bag

I am a little slow on this one, but I am sure you will forgive me as I spent yesterday mainly on a train, sans wi-fi, on a mission to Nottingham to educate the youth about blogging and journalism (and lolcats). As a consequence, I neglected to tell you all about the totally fantabulous launch party for my friend and blogging superstar Emily from Fashion Foie Gras. As you possibly all know by now, she was invited by Coach to design a bag and because she is giving like that, she made it a blogger bag. Yep. She could have made it her dream princess clutch, or a tote to carry a stalk cloak during her night missions, but no: she made a bag for her fellow bloggers and other technophiles, or always-on-the-go types.
And it rules. 
The Fashion Goose and her creation – Photo by Terence Webb
Seriously, it is a really nifty little (massive) thing: there are of course multiple pouches and compartments to store all the gadgets you can name but it also looks great. Perfect marriage of extreme practicality and style. I love it. To read more about it, you should head over to Emily’s blog who is definitely the best person to describe this baby.

On that holy night I was also reunited with my BFF and Babe Time other half so expect a new episode soon!
The party was super fun and I got to meet a lot of people whose name I’d seen floating around on the internet… Although when I say meet, it is a little strong. You see I was responsible for the tunes at the party (yep I was djing again) so when I say “meet” I actually mean “say hi and smile and get back to playing tunes” – djing is not the most sociable thing.