MRLA – Camera Obscura / Felt Up / Tijuana Kids / Daniel Ash

There’s not much I can write about Camera Obscura that hasn’t been written before. It simply is an amazing band. I choose them because they always set my mood for Fall. I’m waiting impatiently for their new album, hopefully out soon. In the mean time, my all time favorite song and one the cutest videos from them.

This is not a Halloween post. L.A. designer – and Mickey Mouse enthusiast – Lindsey Murray puts the fun back in womenswear. Consisting mostly of American iconic cartoon characters, junk food and pop culture references Felt Up is one of the most creative clothing labels I’ve seen in a long time. I’m dying to see her men’s line coming out soon. These are some of my favorite pieces from her collection.

I had a few days off and decided to drive down to Tijuana to visit friends and family and eat delicious food. There is always something fun and interesting to do there. This time it became a mix of generations. From a random 21st birthday party I ended up at with some new friends, to a bbq afternoon party with some old friends, I had a delightful time as usual.

I got to see Felt Up’s collection live and in full action at The Playhouse in Hollywood. From backstage to the runway, the show was the most fun and applauded of the night. 

The after party went down at the semi new remodeled Harvard & Stone where goth icon Daniel Ash from Bauhaus /Tons on Tails /Love & Rockets was doing a DJ set in a crowed bar full of clueless neo-hipsters. I ran into lovely local icon Lina Lecaro, the go-to girl for L.A. Nightlife. We chatted a bit, compared notes and she mentioned she’s a fan of Mademoiselle Robot, which motivated me more to continue writing on what I have to offer for MR. I called it an early night, because as we all know the one and only Mademoiselle Robot herself will be in Los Angeles this week, and I have to save all my energy for all the adventures and experiences that awaits us together!

Welcome back love <3

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