MRNY – A Dress For Every Occasion

My friends had an Oktoberfest party last night. Technically we’re kind of past the real Oktoberfest time, but hey it’s still October, so why not? Any excuse for a themed party (or any party, really), right? Whenever any of my friends consider the possibility of having a party associated with a theme of some kind, no matter what it is, I attempt to encourage/entice them with two things: the promise of cupcakes befitting the theme, and me wearing the perfect dress. In fact, I’m usually the only one that’s dressed up to any significant degree, but people have come to expect it, so I must continue to deliver. I have a square dance dress. I have not one, not two, but three nautical dresses. I have a margarita print dress, a toucan print dress, a banana print dress. There are more, of course, but I shan’t bore you – I’ll just share photos whenever I play dress up for a party.

For Oktoberfest, I was a little nervous: nothing immediately sprang to mind. I recently came across a lederhosen at a second hand shop that I was this close to picking up (so as to round out my “dress for every occasion” collection, of course) but there was extensive staining that prevented the purchase. I sat, sad-faced, thinking of how I should have just gotten the lederhosen and some extra strength stain remover. I settled on this vintage Gunne Sax dress (one of many – what can I say, I have a soft spot for calico) that I picked up at a thrift store in Florida years ago. It’s one of my all-time favorite dresses, and in the absence of any lederhosen, it filled in nicely as a “German prairie girl” kind of dress.

This Gunne Sax didn’t make the cut. Too summery/not Octobery enough. Vintage pendant necklace on velvet ribbon, from ebay.

No cupcakes, but plenty faux bratwursts and spätzle.

Sometimes I think about how one day, when all of these cinnamon buns (and spätzle, and faux bratwurst) I’ve been stuffing my face with catch up with me (or rather, when my waistline catches up with my cinnamon bun consumption) I’ll open up a little shop so I can sell all of the clothes I have that don’t agree with a cinnamon bun shaped body, and so I can continue to enjoy the thrill of the dress-hunt. At this point, it’s starting to sound like it might be more of a costume shop!
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