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Monsieur Robot loves Dr. Noki

First things first, Dr. Noki is not a real doctor. He is, however,  one of the most rebellious, interesting and enigmatic designers around. Creating a unique aesthetic out of a fascination with branding and modern culture, he’s more Naomi Klein than Christopher Bailey. “Dr. Noki’s NHS” is a pretty pointed name in fashion terms, and one that promises to deliver some social commentary on British life, through fashion, and there’s definitely not enough of that going on. But there’s also an intangible element of British street style to his work that underlines everything he creates. Having worked with Owen Gastor there’s also plenty of avant grade couture thrown into the mix as well. Dr. Noki’s SOB (Suffocation of Branding) mask typifies this line between youth culture and couture, between  streetwear and avant-garde that he treads so well. Plus I think I could rock the shit out of one.

I caught up with Dr. Noki after LFW to ask a few questions and get the skinny on his upcoming projects…

I absolutely love the Suffocation of Branding mask, can you tell me a little bit about the idea behind it? 
The NOKI SOB Mask is a permanent feature to the Noki style. It creates an honest globalised layer, for the viewer to engage with, while keeping our anonymity personal to us at the Ward.. Our creations for you, are the important, famous, focus, here…

You’re planning a denim line soon – any hints about what it might look like? 
NOKI-Denimetiks will feature Sports Volume with body con-formality and a gentlemanly direction…
Who’s the best dressed person you know? 
Apart from Willy Rosedale now RIP and the  still very sexy alive Tony Ward… My Dog Bail100. His brindle coat in the sun, goes tribal, tiger, striped…
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