Key Menswear Trends for SS12 #LFW

I still ache all over from menswear day, running from show to show, lifting all those glasses of champagne, staring at all those models. Life isn’t easy for me you know. Seriously though menswear day was a blast as usual, as well as hanging out with some of my favourite people I got the skinny on the SS12 looks from the UK’s best designers. I’ll be giving each designer an in depth look over the next few weeks but to kick things off I thought I’d start with the key trends… Summer collections never differ as much from season to season as AW ones do – shorts, white, pastels and sandals are always a trend in some form or another. This years they were defined by accessories, tailoring and prints. 

The Clutch

 James Long

You know I love my bags right? Well I’ve been on the hunt for a good ‘document wallet’ for some time now but this trend has evolved beyond A4 size to something that isn’t even pretending to be functional. Good. I love it. If you have a nice clutch and see me on the street, run for cover because I will steal it. Apologies in advance. The best examples came in snakeskin from James Long and bright patent leather at Topman Design. 


Topman Design

Dr. Noki
The textiles on show from pretty much everyone were a cacophony of glorious prints. James Long was all about snakeskin which is fine by me because I love it. Topman Design went nuts with prints and textiles, silks, paisley and striped knits, the colour palette was glo-ri-ous. Dr. Noki took every print, slogan and design you can think of, chewed them up and spat them out again, in a good way. KTZ was channelling the Masai warrior, all done in the inimitable KTZ style of course.

Mr. Start
‘Smart’ looks like it’s here to stay – and although I struggle with anything approaching a suit I have to admit that the cropped trousers and double breasted blazers on show were beautiful. Aquascutum had beautiful summer suits in abundance and the ones at Mr Start, teamed with box fresh white trainers were smart, sexy and sharp, thankfully it was miles away from the stuffy tweed and cord that’s been around for too long…
SS12 Wishlist
A Clutch Bag
A Dr. Noki SOB mask
Double Breasted Blazer
Cropped Trousers
An Aquascutum mac
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