Behind The Scenes With British Airways

British Airways is premiering their new campaign this morning at 11am exclusively on their Facebook page. The reason I am writing about this today is simply because in two weeks, I will be boarding a BA plane on my way to Los Angeles so the airline is firmly on my mind. 

It is an interesting time for the company as this is their biggest campaign to date, celebrating the brand’s rich heritage and putting the emphasis on its ties with the fashion world. I am slightly obsessed with the old school glamour attached to traveling and when I find myself in an airport (approximately 4 times a month this year) I love to observe people and see who fits into my travel aesthetic. I also have a fascination for cabin crew uniforms – the colour coordination and strict cuts are somehow a source of inspiration. British Airways uniforms are interesting ones as they have been the object of so many designer collaboration in the past decades. The current uniform was designed by British designer Julian MacDonald to reflect the heritage of the airline.

Photography by Mark Stenning

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