Would you like to pick a pair of sunglasses from our website and tell us about your favourite sunglasses trends?” Sure, why not, Mister Spex. I am a bit of a sunglasses maniac though, so I am open to pretty much any shape, size or colour as long as my eyes are adequately protected.
I do however keep track of my favourite shapes, year after year in a tiny notebook I like to call “The Sunglasses Bible“. I have another one for lovers, but that’s another story altogether. One of the previous affirmation is in fact a lie. Try and figure out which one.
Back to the topic of the day: when put in front of a wide choice of free sunglasses (or free anything for that matter) I always think “I must pick something practical, that will last for years to come. See, it is boring to buy practical stuff, but getting it for free makes it okay“. Well you see, this time I ended up with a pair of weird day-glo cat eye sunglasses courtesy of Prada. Totally casual, or is it casually mental? I am not so sure anymore. All I know is that they go with everything I own and make my husband recoil in horror while muttering something about “Camden Market… nineties… teenager“. To this I generally reply by making a flippant comment about his face. This, my friends is true love and why marriage was invented. Don’t believe what other people say. 
If you want to know more about the “Bloggers Say: Wear Sunglasses” campaign, visit the Mister Spex website. Come on, Mister Spex, flex those pecs.

I am wearing a vintage dress & belt, asos scarf as a turban and Prada sunnies c/o Mister Spex.

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