Terry Time

It seems, dear reader, that there is a God. How do I know that? Well he just answered my prayers. You see cult French spectacle makers MOSCOT are making a limited edition range of glasses based on the pair that everyone’s favourite pervy Uncle – Terry Richardson wears. You know the ones. If you remember the breakdown-inducing post I wrote about my own personal struggle to find frames, that you may be trying hard to forget, you’ll know how much I struggle with face furniture. Well I wish I’d waited until now to get new specs because these are the bad boys that I really want. What could be better than looking like Terry Richardson? Every moment of your life would feel like you were inside one of his photographs, living his life. I think that would make life pretty sweet. Celebrities all day, loads of sex, parties and Kate Moss too? Bring it on.  I guess I’ll have to get used to giving everyone and everything ‘thumbs up’ but that’s ok. If he can do it and still look cool then so can I. I may need more lumberjack shirts too.

He might not be to everyone’s taste, you need a certain ironic perspective to truly appreciate a picture of some disgusting fast food meal or the more explicit images he makes, but the constant stream of pictures on Terry’s blog make it feel like he works 24 hours a day. You’d need really good glasses for that right? 
It’s a look that probably should have dated, but somehow it hasn’t. I guess that means it really is iconic. Superstar photographers are hard to come by, but David Lachapelle doesn’t even wear glasses and certainly doesn’t own more than a few lumberjack shirts, so it can’t be him. You can have the glasses in different colours and even have sunglasses made with them. What a brilliant idea, I guess I’ll have to get two pairs.

Words by Warren Beckett
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