Mademoiselle Robot loves John Moore

As we walk in the POP Studio in Culver City, we are greeted by its creative director, John Moore. He is wearing perfectly washed out skinny cords, a shrunken denim jacket and brown Havaianas. On his face apart from the glorious beard is the epitome of the Los Angeles glow. It’s no wonder QSW newly appointed him to revamp the brand and give it a slightly cooler, more fashionable edge.  The little boy who dreamt of living past corrective shoes and ride a skateboard like Kyle Field is all grown up and has turned into one heck of a super talent (not to mention quite the dreamboat…).

Nothing pleases me more in life than someone who pays crazy amounts of attention to the smallest details, so when Moore started talking to us about rivets, seams, washes and all the personal touches he injected in the QSW collections, I had to refrain myself from jumping on the table and serenading him. In the QSW line, every piece has a story drawn from the brand’s rich heritage. Moore tells the tale of “The Story” print – an unidentified bird illustration found in a cabinet at Quiksilver HQ in Huntington Beach – and we are all under his spell. The garish board shorts are well and truly gone and the brand is now ready to enter a new era. 

I asked John Moore a few questions to find out more about the man behind the label. 

Where did you grow up? Did it influence your work in any way?
I grew up in a suburban enclave just north of Los Angeles. I was extremely
restricted by the parental units and very culturally starved. So every day
since high school has been another day of creative exploration. I’ve been
breaking away ever since I left home… 
Tell me a little about your thought process when designing?
Honestly, we just go for it. Everything starts with a conceptual story and
the product flows from this spark. I completely shut myself off to
magazines and trends and just design from instinct. If it doesn’t feel
right in the design room, it doesn’t translate to the consumer.

Where do you find the inspiration?
Emerging artists. I used to say music, and a good soundtrack helps, but today it’s the young emerging artists that are getting my juices flowing. I’m always looking under every rock!!!

What’s your fondest sea-related memory?
I have three…1. My first wave, I still remember it. 2. Tavarua in 1999
3. Taking my daughter on the front of my board in Kauai when she was
Favorite places in LA?
First Point, Gjelina and the POP Studio. All a bit of a circus, but always a
good time. 

Tell us about your personal style – how do you get dressed in the
Hmmmm? I’m not sure really. There’s not a lot of thought process. Seriously, I get up, pack a lunch for my daughter, and throw on whatever I see first. I will sometimes where the same outfit for three days in a row… 

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