All grown up… and new glasses

“I bet you think I look respectable

You should’ve seen me in my prime

You’d have thought that I was headed for, oh yeah

A life of crime.”

I feel a little stupid with a title like “all grown up” at 32. That probably should be the title to each and every single outfit post… Or actually maybe I shouldn’t even post my outfits. The great thing is that there are no rules for bloggers and for all I know I will still be blogging when I am 97 (although I hope I will have retired by then and will be living La Vida Loca in Miami with approximately 72 toy boys).

Anyway. The point of this post was to show you a side of me you don’t normally get to see, heck I don’t even get to see it that often! Today I went to visit a school for Mini Robot, so I felt I had to “dress the part”, the “part” being that of a respectable M-U-M. Yeah. I am a mum. Sometimes it just hits me in the face like that. My work means I mainly interact with younger peeps and have pretty frivolous pursuits from 9 to 5, but I am actually a responsible adult, with a flat, a child and a husband to look after. Pretty crazy, huh?

So this is me in my “grown-up” attire. I quite like it, it makes me feel very glamourous and sophisticated. I only have this one photo though, because glamourous, sophisticated, respectable ADULTS don’t force their husband to take multiple photos of them in the street. That’s a shame really as I was damn proud of my scrubbing up effort. 
Are there occasions for which you feel you need to “dress the part”?
I am wearing jeans c/o Dorothy Perkins (as seen here), Aquascutum blazer, See by Chloe bag, silk tee from UO and shoes from New Look.
On a side note, I also have new glasses
Photo 145