Denim Challenge – Day 5: Wide Leg

Today is the final day of the denim challenge, I hope you’ve enjoyed it so far… Today is also the day I try the shape I was the most unsure of.

Wide leg is a shape I’ve always wanted to wear, but no matter how many pairs I’ve tried (and sometimes bought) I never managed to find a single one that looked nice on me. To make it easy on my ego, I had convinced myself this was a shape that only worked on super tall, stick thin, model like girls, certainly not on 32 years old mothers with a penchant for nice food.
Enter DP’s Mid Wash Belted Wide Leg Jeans. I chose to go one size up for extra comfort (and to avoid unsightly camel toes) and I must say so far I am convinced… So convinced in fact that I went as far as wearing a crop top with them… and they aren’t even that high on the waist. I don’t think I’ve bared my midriff since I was 16! I am not sure I will bare it much in the future, but for the sake of this challenge, I pushed the boundaries a little further. 
Anyway… You are probably all sick to death of my face by now – 5 outfit posts in a row is unheard of on this blog, but normal services will resume next week, with occasional outfits and a lot of ramblings.
Denim Challenge Outfit

I am wearing Mid Wash Belted Wide Leg Jeans c/o Dorothy Perkins, Tee-shirt c/o Monki, Office wedges and ASOS Sunnglasses.

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