Elizabeth Taylor

I just finished writing an article about Elizabeth Taylor’s career for the MCM Blog and as I was writing it, I realised how sad I was about her death. I always find it quite bizarre to be moved by the death of a stranger, but this time I felt really strongly about it. I think because it represents the end of an era I really admire, the era of Classic Hollywood glamour, when the world was changing after the war. Elizabeth Taylor to me symbolizes this unattainable perfection, a cinematic experience that has shaped the dreams of many generations. 
I admired Elizabeth Taylor for her personal battles as much as for her career. Her involvement in AIDS campaigning was admirable and helped spreading awareness about the disease as well as fighting the prejudices associating with it. What now seems like a given for most used to be a very difficult thing for people to understand. 
RIP Liz, there are no others like you.