Tip toeing back in time for a modern summer date by Federica Bardelli

Federica is a girl of many talents. When she is not restoring vintage furniture or taking stunning photographs, she can be found working on her latest taxidermy piece while listening to jazz.

I am busting out my Funny Face. Let’s talk about a place I’ve never been to, even though I hardly know what’s happening in my neighborhood.
Funny Face
Out of time indulgence, 1950s California, far from today’s long blonde wigs, dark tan and very-little-left-to-imagination bikinis.
Being a juvenile delinquent, listening to jazz and reading poetry all day long in a bagel shop was probably the hippest thing to do – if you were not too busy expressing yourself or  dancing in your living room, or eating hot dogs at night time.

Hot Dog
Californian photographer William Claxton left us a precious archive of that exciting decade. You would have probably met him with his camera at The Haig Club, a small but very popular club where you could listen to what became the West Coast jazz.

Chet Baker was the ladies favorite, although I would not be surprised  with Hollywood around the corner, if we had the chance to drink a martini with Marlon “Dreamboat” Brando  while listening to the soundtrack of his latest movie. That sure would have made my heart skip a beat or two.
Talking about heart, living room dancing, midnight dinners, jazz, funny face contests, I can’t stop thinking they are a great inspiration for the perfect date in this modern summer time and I wish for Mademoiselle Robot to have the same kind of fun while walking on that very same ground.