Wish List – Blondie’s Back

When I was in Paris, I had the pleasure of meeting Géraldine aka Punky B and her bag, Madeleine. It is a lovely bag, but the best thing about it is that she designed it herself (well, with a friend, but that’s the same really isn’t it). It was love at first sight.
I don’t think I have said this here before, but I love that some bloggers have completely turned their careers around and are now making things. All that thanks to a website and an incredible drive. I am not going to get into a long-winded post about blogging, but I like to see doors opening for people who have worked hard and are still completely down to Earth and humble about it. There is so much bullshit surrounding bloggers and blogging now, it just feels nice to see that some people are not buying into it while still being extremely successful.
So today, we are celebrating the success of a fellow blogger and we are celebrating a totally drool inducing line of handbags designed by a novice. 
My absolute favourite is Madeleine in green/leopard print, modeled below by Géraldine
Photo – Punky B
It is a fairly small bag compared to what I am used to, but it contains a lot. I inspected it thoroughly during my stay (sorry Géraldine) and I can safely say I could easily carry my usual mess in it and maybe even throw in two dozen crumpled tissues.
The bag also comes in black, so if you don’t yet own an everyday bag, just get this one!
Photo – Punky B
The line is also available in leather rather than suede and comes in a few gorgeous colours. It is also a little bit cheaper. 
What do you think of Géraldine’s designs? Do you like it when bloggers start designing? Which blogger would you like to see making stuff?