The post where I talk about a chair (and clothes, but mostly a chair)

I am pleased to announce I finally have a comfortable chair to sit on while I write this (or you know… work). Aren’t you just extatic you came here today all bright eyed and bushy tailed to read about my chair? Yeah I know, me too. But really though, it is a pretty good chair. Remember I am 31, I get excited about chairs. That’s all I have left in my life. Chairs. And the occasional dinner party. 
I am kidding of course. Not about the chair though, I am seriously excited about the chair. It is a Louis Ghost chair, designed by Philippe Starck. My dad has them in his dining room and I always thought they were really pretty and comfortable. I never really considered getting one as I thought they were way out of my league, but last week I located one on eBay that was really cheap… and it made its merry way to my flat.
Dress – Monki, Denim thing – Vintage (mum’s), Shoes – Madewell
You can hardly see it because it is transparent, but believe me when I say it is beautiful! 
Sorry for posing in front of you, chair, but I also happen to be wearing stuff I wanted to show on here. Wow. I am doing a whole load of outfit posts at the moment *lazy*.

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