MCM, an interesting heritage

Mode Creation Munich, now known worldwide as MCM is a luxury accessories brand that launched in 1976. I wasn’t actually familiar with it till I went to the press day and saw some of the new ranges. 
I have said it here before, I am not a big bag person, so I didn’t pay more attention to them than necessary, although I did think about their red tambourine bag for a few days…
The brand really caught my attention when I started perusing their historical catalogue and looking at some of the vintage imagery. More than just a handbag label, it is a real lifestyle business that has dabbled in many various collaborations in the past, including a wonderful Trabi customisation (it is one of my dream cars). Their aim is to cater for the “modern nomads”.
They also have a whole series of soft focus 80’s adverts featuring Cindy Crawford or the iconic Crystal from Dynasty. Fast forward to 2010 and MCM is now working with the likes of Coco Rocha and have also recently collaborated with Patricia Field. Damn, even Lady Gaga has one!
Just as I said about French Connection a few months ago, I really enjoy seeing a brand bounce back and restore its former glory. 
To go back to the heritage “Cognac” Monogrammed collection, there is something to be said about the leather backpacks that are definitely the thing of the moment. Just like the cat tapestry bag I showed you the other day, there is an element of “this is gross but I am going to love it so much it will look good” to it that I like. I enjoy a fashion challenge. 
Also, please have a look with me at the pastels collection and tell me you don’t want one in each colour? I know I do. All together now, please MCM could you re-edit all those gems?
One last photo for my French readers, hoping you all spent a nice Bastille Day yesterday – it is an advert for MCM that was published in the French VOGUE in 1989 to celebrate the bicentennial celebrations of the French Revolution.