The Corpse Bride, Giveaway results & internship offer

The stupidest thing happened at the weekend… It was fairly hot here in London and I was able to wear the white maxi dress I found in the Topshop sale for the first time. 
It is all I had been looking for: a cotton dress with lace inserts to go running bare foot in the fields – or more likely walk bare foot on the beaches of Southern California IN LESS THAN A MONTH, but you know, no biggie.
Dress – Topshop, Headband – Loulou Loves You, Shoes – Swedish Hasbeens
The only way I know to accessorise a long white dress is with a flower headband, which led to the stupid thing. We were invited to a garden party this weekend and while in the car on the way my husband tells me it is Medieval themed. Shucks, we think, we are not in costume.
Fast forward to the party and I blend in seamlessly, everyone thinking I am wearing a Fair Maiden costume and I have to explain that “no no, I dress like this normally”. So winner or loser? You tell me. 
Bow necklace – Dotty K
Speaking of winners, me and (we are like *this*) picked the 5 winners of the Tresemmé giveaway. In fairness to, he mostly did the dirty work. All I had to do was count. Without further ado, the winners are:
Ladies, if you could drop me an email with your addresses, that’d be swell. I will be contacting you today if you have an easy to find email addy.
Before I return into my black hole of work, there is another thing I’d like to put out there. I am looking for an intern to help me prep for London Fashion Week and also for the coverage.
You need to be really organised, not shy, super proactive, clever. You also need to know how to write, how to take good photos and how to behave yourself in a professional environment (at LFW, no fawning over editors and celebs). You must also be based in London  in from August 25th and all of September.
If you think you fit the profile, email me your cv and an email explaining why you think I should pick you (with a link to your blog or articles you wrote + examples of photography).