Room with a view

Last week I went to the launch of the HP TouchSmart 300 at Paramount in Centre Point. I love anywhere with a view on the city so I couldn’t resist taking photos and I forced Cate to take outfit pictures for me too *bully*.
Skirt – Vintage, Shirt – H&M, Shoes – Office, Bag – eBay
You gotta love how at the moment I am consistently blogging about last week, living in the past, that’s the future, I tells ya. I might start doing outfit posts about what I wore 5 years ago, that could be my new shtick. 
I am a little delirious after a pretty intense week last week and this one is set to be as if not even more intense, so I better not write too much as I might scare every single one of you away. Including my own mother (coucou maman!).
Instead I will just show you pictures… oh and I will totally let you know about the computer I went to try out once I have properly played on it at home!
Tea face
Necklace – Dotty K